Patrick Hobbie’s art is influenced by the light and the dark, form in chaos, and strength in vulnerability.  This Alabama native has no formal training but grew up in an artistic home.  His mother was an oil painter and his father, a professional photographer.  Creativity was commonplace in his childhood and has been an ever present force that drives everything he does.  

Visual art has always been a part of Hobbie’s life but it was music that defined him for most of it.  A multi-instrumentalist, he attended college on a music scholarship and has played in several bands throughout his life.  

As a watercolorist, Hobbie aims to capture the power of an animal, and the energy that surrounds it.  While he paints, he considers the energy of his subject’s form and the life-force that drives it, resulting in an image that becomes alive and demands attention. 

Hobbie believes art is “anything that makes you feel something and that it can inspire and maybe make our lives a little more beautiful.” He hopes to evoke these emotions with his art. 

Patrick Hobbie currently lives and works in Mountain View, CA where he resides with his fiancé and 7 year old daughter, Stella.